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Google Scholar: Setting Up Google Scholar on Your Computer

How to use Google Scholar to find journal articles and technical reports; how to set up your Google Scholar to find Chemeketa e-journal articles.

Setting Up Google Scholar

You can set up your Google Scholar to find Chemeketa e-journals articles.

Follow these steps to have Google Scholar results show Chemeketa e-journal articles:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Options button.
    picture of google options control
  3. In the options menu, click Settings.
    picture of google options menu open, with settings
  4. In Scholar Settings, click on Library Links.
    Picture of Library Links option in Scholar Settings
  5. Use the search space to look for Chemeketa.
    picture of google scholar search space
  6. Select Chemeketa Community College - full text articles  and ProQuest Fulltext from the results.
    Google Scholar Chemeketa Library Links
  7. Don't forget to click the Save button.