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Google Scholar: Using Google Scholar

How to use Google Scholar to find journal articles and technical reports; how to set up your Google Scholar to find Chemeketa e-journal articles.

How to Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar ( is a special search in Google that looks for scholarly journal articles, books, patents, and technical reports or white papers. You can set up Google Scholar on your computer so that it will link to e-journal articles in the library's collection.

Use the Google Scholar search space to search, just as you would in the regular Google search. Since you are searching for scholarly sources, it is best to use more formal or specialized terms to search, for example "adolescents" instead of "teenagers," or "Puma" instead of "cougars."

picture of google scholar search results screen

In the Scholar results page, the journal article links at the right that say either "Full text @ Chemeketa" or [filetype] from [URL], as in "[PDF] from," are the ones that are available to you without cost.

Book results are indicated by [Book] before the title and are linked to Google books, which may or may not have the full text available. Since Google doesn't know what books Chemeketa has, it's worthwhile to use Library Search to see if the book is available at Chemeketa or another regional academic library.

If the item is not available in print or online through Chemeketa's library or its partners, you can fill out an Interlibrary loan form.

You can limit results by publication date by using the date filters at left of search results.

Getting Reference Help

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