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Requesting Materials From Other Libraries

Interlibrary loan of articles can be requested directly through the Primo Library Search; most articles will be delivered electronically.

Interlibrary Loan requesting service for physical items, such as books, is  also available.  Physical items will be delivered by mail. Allow a minimum of two weeks for physical items to be delivered, due to the additional time required for quarantine and mailing. Some items will take longer, depending on availability.

Use an Interlibrary loan form to request materials that are not in our own library, in Summit, or in CCRLS Public Libraries.

You can ask the librarians for help finding alternative online resources.

For more information about interlibrary loan, with a list of frequently-asked questions, see the Interlibrary Loan Information page.

Using Summit Plus to Request Articles in Primo Library Search

To see requesting options you must be logged into Primo Library Search.  

Articles that Chemeketa does not have in electronic text show a gray "Check Availability" message under the description in the results. Click the title of the article you want.

Image of Check Availability option in article record found in Primo Library Search

In a few cases we have the journal in paper form, and you can request the issue to be sent to you.  If we don't have the article in any format, you will see a Summit Plus link in the section of the record marked Get It. Most Summit Plus articles can be emailed to Chemeketa students and employees within 48 business-day hours. There is no charge for the service. 

link in the get it area of ptimo screen showing request from summit plus link

A form will open with the information about the article already filled in; simply click the Request button to complete your request. You do not have to choose a pickup location for article requests.  They are delivered electronically.

You will receive an email with the subject Article Access Notification when an article requested through Summit Plus is available to download.  Open the email and click on "click here."  Enter your Chemeketa email address when prompted to sign in. 

Image of Sign In for Summit Plus Request article access

You will receive a second email with the subject Library Requested Item Link. Open the email and download the article.

From Compatible Databases

Some library databases, such as CINAHL, Education Full Text, and the Gale databases, have links that allow you to check for full text in another database.  Clicking the link will take you to a page that has a link to the article, if available.

picture of "check for full text" link
picture of "check for full text" link

If there is no full text available, and you are not signed in to the Primo library search, you will see a banner with a link directing you to sign in for requesting options.

picture of library search screen with message to sign in for request and interlibrary loan links

Log in if you haven't already.

link in the get it area of ptimo screen showing request from summit plus link

You will see a Request from Summit Plus link to follow. A form will open in a new tab. The information about the article is already filled in; simply enter the information about yourself, accept the conditions of use, and click the Submit button.

Directly from the Form

Go to the interlibrary loan form on the library web site.

Please select the appropriate form (article, book, etc.) and fill in the information about yourself and the item you want. When you are ready to send, click the Submit  button.