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Faculty Resources: Multimodal Course Support

Library Resources for Chemeketa faculty

Please see our Multimodal Writing Course Support page for more great resources.

Instructional Assistants can present in one of your classes

In order to support the multimodal composition requirement, our instructional assistants are happy to do a ten to fifteen minute presentation in your class on one of the following topics:

  • Powerpoint Basics
  • Excel Charts
  • Google Slides
  • Other tools as needed

If you are interested in having an IA present to your class, please get in touch with Diana Inch at 503.399.3916 or email her.


Finding Streaming Video

Finding Images

picture of dental assistant holding an x-ray

Image by Karin Dreyer / Blend / Learning Pictures / Universal Images Group, Britannica ImageQuest

  Millions of images are available for you to use in your class papers or presentations.

Special Subjects

Additional Image Content Sources