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Ebooks in Chemeketa's Library: About E-Books

Explains what e-books are, how to find them, and how to cite them.

What Are E-Books & How Can I Use Them?

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  • An e-book is a real book that has been published, usually by a commercial or academic publisher.
  • It is an electronic copy of that book, generally from cover to cover and including all the parts that were in the printed version.
  • It is an appropriate source to use for papers, and is not considered a "web site."
  • You may be asked for a login, which is your My Chemeketa user name and password.

 Our e-books are online and do not require downloading to a local device for use. The majority are available for download. If you want to use the book offline, however, you will be asked to create a free account on the e-book site. 

 Because we share with a group of other libraries, you may be asked to choose Chemeketa Community College from a dropdown list of institutions before logging in with your My Chemeketa user name and password.


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Accessibility Information

Here are links to accessibility information for our electronic books by platform. In library search results the link in the View It tab  indicates the platform.

Guides to the E-Book Platforms

The e-book sites of different suppliers have some differences in the way they look and behave.  Most are quite easy to use. Here are links to guides for specific platforms.  The link in the View It tab of the library search book record indicates the platform.

E-Book Comparison

Getting Reference Help

  • E-mail a Question to Reference
  • Phone Reference at 503.399.5231
  • Chat reference: Please use the form below
  • We recommend that you include an e-mail address so that you can receive a transcript of your chat and so the library can send you any followup help.