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Faculty Resources: More!

Library Resources for Chemeketa faculty

Clickers Available for Classroom Use

Make your class more interactive by utilizing iClickers.  These wireless remotes provide a way to closeup of hand holding an iclicker get and display virtually instantaneous results for in-class quizzes and polls, and provide a more interactive lecture experience for students.  These can be checked out at the circulation desk in groups of 10 for as long as you need.  Contact the library circulation desk (503.399.5043) to book in advance.
Image: Clickers for Engagement, © Alan Wolf Used under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License

Creating Persistent Links to Database Items

The Learning Cloud

The Learning Cloud is a digital repository where Chemeketa faculty can search for, share, and reuse content.

Swank Catalog

The Library is partnering with Swank Digital Campus to provide access to motion picture content.  Faculty can request titles by emailing  After the library verifies that the title is available through Swank, the library will contact the appropriate dean for purchase approval. The department cost will be $75 per title. If the purchase is approved by your dean, the library will request activation and inform the faculty member when the title is ready for access. It generally takes Swank 2 - 5 days to activate a title. The title will be active for one year from the date of purchase. It can be renewed by faculty request and another department approval and charge.

Titles not available from Swank Digital Campus will be discussed with the faculty member for alternative access, approval and financial arrangements.

Why are departments being charged? The library must share the expense of Swank titles with departments to sustain access.  Academic video access is changing. Formats for academic video are moving from DVD to streaming format. With the increased accessibility of streaming media comes an increased cost that far exceeds the price of DVDs (example: The Truman Show on DVD is available for $5; a one-year streaming license is $120). In the past, most instructional media was paid for by academic programs. The library has been working with vendors to find a way to make this work with our online collections. We hope the new system for major motion picture access is as simple as possible. Due to copyright restrictions, streaming video is the best format  for use in the online classroom.

Remote Access

When accessing electronic resources off campus, enter your Chemeketa user name and password when asked. For the convenience of College Credit Now instructors and instructors having difficulty accessing resources, we have a generic login with a password that changes each term. There is also an instructor login for Intelecom.

Please email or call Michele Burke 503.365.4711 for login information, or check with the reference staff.