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Library Instruction Program

Library Alignment with College Mission and Core Themes

The College acknowledges the value of the Library Instruction Program. The Library’s offerings and services align directly with Chemeketa's mission statement and core themes, as detailed below. 

Chemeketa Community College Mission


Chemeketa offers opportunities for students to explore, learn, and succeed . . .

  • Library information resources offer students the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace and on their own schedule
  • The Library facilitates student success by providing access to print and electronic collections, course materials, and comfortable study facilities that encourage students to spend time on campus outside of class
  • Librarians offer students personalized, drop-in assistance to help them succeed academically
  • The Library assists other college departments to support student learning and success through special programs and initiatives (e.g., Chemeketa Reads) 
  • The Library and the Chemeketa Learning Cloud (CLC) encourage creative and flexible learning opportunities through the use of rich media, digital formats, self-paced tutorials, and customized research guides 

. . . through quality educational experiences and workforce training

  • The Library offers practicum experiences to students in Master of Library & Information Science programs
  • The Library's resources help students prepare for standardized tests, explore career choices, and develop digital and information literacy skills
  • One-on-one assistance from Librarians  supports classroom instruction and fosters a high quality educational experience

Chemeketa Community College Core Themes 


CORE THEME Academic Quality - quality programs, instruction, and support services are provided to students

  • Review sources and other selection tools are used to ensure the acquisition of current, high-quality library resources appropriate for a variety of reading levels, learning styles, and instructional needs
  • The Chemeketa Learning Cloud supports educational and student success initiatives by providing a stable and shared area for faculty instructional content in multiple digital formats 
  • The Library maintains formal liaison relationships with academic programs to align resources and instructional support with instructor intent and all areas of the curriculum 
  • Librarians participate in professional development activities to develop and improve their skills to support students and faculty
  • Library instruction and information literacy are embedded across the foundational writing sequence per AAOT requirements and other articulation agreements

CORE THEME Access - a broad range of educational opportunities and workforce training are provided to students in  pursuit of their goals

  • The Library accommodates the busy lifestyles of our college community by maintaining robust online services including digital collections and chat reference service providing 24/7 remote access
  • Library resource sharing agreements expand access to materials for lifelong learning, employee training, and in support of teaching and learning across the curriculum
  • Library reserves collection, licensed resources, and the Chemeketa Learning Cloud enhance student access to low or no cost course content
  • The Library provides extended access to instruction and reference assistance in the evenings and on Saturdays


CORE THEME Community Collaborations - instruction, training, and workforce development are provided through  collaboration with education partners, businesses, and community groups

  • The Library is a founding member of the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service, supporting literacy, access to technology, and lifelong learning across the college district 
  • Through the partnership with the Orbis Cascade Alliance, Chemeketa benefits from many consortial collaborations including shared physical and digital collections, group licensing of electronic resources, professional development opportunities, and participation in the largest union catalog in the Pacific Northwest
  • Librarians work with College Credit Now (CCN) instructors to provide library instruction and research assistance; CCN students and instructors may access library materials in person and remotely
  • Librarians participate in activities that promote information literacy at the local, state and regional levels (Oregon Association of School Libraries, Oregon Writing & English Advisory Committee, Oregon Library Association, Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon
  • Librarians provide customized research assistance to meet the needs of incarcerated students enrolled in College Inside classes 
  • Librarians regularly provide research support and expertise for college initiatives and institutional work (e.g., program review, grant applications, OER/Affordable Textbooks, Developmental Education Redesign, copyright, assignment design, college and program accreditation, collection review for new programs, and curriculum resource selection)  
  • The Library collaborates with Chemeketa Online (Center for Academic Innovation) to provide access points to reference assistance and digital content in the learning management system (LMS)
  • Access to Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service and Orbis Cascade Alliance collections support staff professional development 


CORE THEME Student Success – students progress and complete their educational goals

  • Librarians provide individualized, point-of-need and group instruction in research and information literacy skills 
  • Librarians answer general questions, provide directional support, assist students in the use of college systems, and refer students to other college services