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PHL203 Williams: Get Started

Assignment Description

Identify a current controversial issue, briefly explain it in your own words, present at least two sides to it (one in favor, one opposed), and indicate your own view along with a brief explanation of why utilizing reasons different from what you’ve already written in your paper.  Utilize three different sources – one book, one journal (article), and one other “serious popular source” like a periodical or newspaper. These may be any combination of online and print;

Possible topics:

  • Facebook communication
  • Freedom of speech
  • Responses to terrorism
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia (assisted suicide)
  • Gun ownership
  • Torture
  • Death Penalty
  • Right to marry
  • Media Ethics

Background Information / Reference Books

Getting Reference Help

  • E-mail a Question to Reference
  • Chat reference: Use the widget below or use the accessible chat form
  • We recommend that you include an e-mail address so that you can receive a transcript of your chat and so the library can send you any followup help.



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