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Citations - MLA Style: Citing Electronic Images and Streaming Video

Resources for MLA (Modern Language Association) style, with examples of how to cite materials from Chemeketa's databases.

Citing Electronic Images

If the date is approximate, add square brackets and use circa ("around").

Example for an Art Image:

Riemenschneider, Tilman. Saint Jerome and the Lion. [circa 

      1495], Cleveland Museum of Art. Sculpture in 
      alabaster. ARTstor,


Example for an Illustration from an Image Database:

Purcell, Ann. Mastiff. Britannica ImageQuest,

Example for a Photograph in a Magazine Database

Bertuccio, Davide. Through It All, There Was Love; Barzano, Italy.

      23 May 2020. National Geographic Magazine, vol. 01, no. 238, 

      Jan. 2021, p. 26. [Photograph] National Geographic Virtual 



Citing Streaming Video

Example of a Drama Video:

Shakespeare, William. Twelfth Night, or, What You Will.  

      The  BBC Shakespeare Plays, directed by John Gorrie,

      performances by Alec McCowen, et al.,  program 35, 

      BBC, 1980.  Ambrose Digital Video,



Example of a Documentary Video:

Talent Has Hunger. Produced and directed by Josh Aronson

      2016, Films Media Group,

      /PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=95629&xtid=142106. Accessed 

      5 Nov. 2018.