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Primo Favorites: How to Use It: Adding Items to Your Favorites

How to use the Favorites in the Library Search to save and arrange sources

Favorites Helps You Save and Arrange Sources

The library search has a Favorites feature that lets you gather materials together (for example for e-mailing), and lets you save them for your projects. Sign into the library search to save your sources.

Picture of "not logged in" indicator on search screen

You can sign in with your My Chemeketa information by clicking the Not Logged In message and then following the Sign In link on the library search page.



Saving Items to Your Favorites

Once you're logged in, you'll be able to save items by clicking the "keep this item" control (pin icon) next to the description of the item.Picture of article description showing pin icon to keep this item








Saving a Search

picture of save query buttonYou can save a search so you can repeat it at a later time. A pin icon and button with the words Save query appears at the top of a list of results. Clicking it will save your search.


A banner appears at the top of the page to notify you that your search is saved.A link to turn on notifications lets you have the search run at intervals and send you a link to new results. The notification will be sent to an e-mail address you enter.

picture of message saying the search query was saved to your favorites, with a link to turn on notification for this query

Getting Reference Help




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