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WR115 - Presidential Election 2020: Who are the credible presidential candidates?

Resources for the assignment on the 2020 Presidential election

Who's Running For President?

Republicans and Democrats officially nominate candidates for president and vice president at their national conventions.   The New York Times Politics  section lists those currently running and those who have dropped out of the race. Instructions for finding this information in the New York Times are below.  

1. New York Times

New York Times Masthead

Chemeketa students and employees have full text access to the New York Times.  Go to the Library Database page and scroll down to New York Times.  Create an account for yourself and login.  

2. Politics

New York Times Politics Section

Click on Politics under the date in the upper left corner.


3. Presidential Candidates

New York Times Presidential Candidates Link

In the Politics section, click on Presidential Candidates.



4. Who's Running

NYT Candidate Profiles

The Who's Running for President in 2020 section includes profiles of current candidates, candidates who haved dropped out of the race, those unlikely to run and those not running. Each candidate includes a brief biography and in depth Candidate Profile page that includes links to the latest news about the candidate.