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Primo Favorites: How to Save Items in Primo: Viewing and Working with Your Favorites

How to use the Favorites in the Library Search to save and arrange sources

Access Your Favorites

picture of sign-in area showing the go to my favorites buttonAccess the items you've saved by clicking the Go to My Favorites pin icon next to your name in the sign-in area.


Working with Favorites

Each saved item has controls for citing, e-mailing, and unpinning (removing from Favorites).

picture of item in favorites list showing controls and labeling function

Underneath each item is a pencil icon that lets you add or remove labels. This lets you organize your favorites.

Working with Mutliple Items

detail picture of favorites items list showing the checkboxes for selecting items

You can click the "Select All Items" checkbox at the top of the column of items in your Favorites, or check the individual boxes that appear with each item.

Once you have selected items to work with, you can use the "Push to" Actions ellipsis icon in order to take an action with all the selected items, for example, email.

detail piture of the push to actions control at the top of the my favorites list

The Actions menu will appear.

picture of activated actions menu showing options to print, email, and so on