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ART204 - Introduction to Art History - Prehistoric to Early Byzantine: Finding Books

Prehistoric Art to Early Byzantine Period (40,000 BCE to 726 CE)

E-Book Information

Chemeketa's library search has many electronic books.  For information about accessing and using e-books, please see About E-Books.

Primo Search

Library Search - Find books, ebooks, articles, media, & more

Finding Books on the Shelf

Picture of call number labelChemeketa Community College library uses the Dewey Decimal System. Every book has a Dewey Decimal call number that's used to keep books organized and to find them on the shelf.  Call numbers group books on the same subject in the same location on the shelf.  For example, all of the books with the 551.21 call number are about volcanoes.  Because there is often more than one book with the same call number, the first letters of the author's last name and additional numbers are included. 


The book with the call number above (REF 423.1 Up8) is located in the Reference collection in the call number area 423.1 and the author's last name is Upton.

Using Library Search

This short video will show you how to use Primo Library Search to discover books and articles in print and full text online at Chemeketa and many other libraries.

Yancey, Theresa. "How to Use Primo Library Search." Youtube, Chemeketa Community College,  7 December 2017,

Searching with Art Subject Headings and Keywords

Use the Library Search to find books. Limit your search to books by selecting the E-Books or Print Books resource type under Refine My Results

picture of book description in the primo search results, showing location and call number

  • Chemeketa books printed books will show as Available, with a green disc indicator, followed by the location and call number
  • Chemeketa e-books will show Online Access. Click the Online Access link to view the book
  • If you are logged into the search, you can request books that are not listed as available from other libraries

When you use Primo Library Search or article databases, you can use both keywords and/or subject headings in your searches.  Basically, keywords are any search term you choose to use. Some will work better than others.

Subject headings are terms that have been selected as preferred terms to use for a subject. For example, "prehistoric art" is a keyword search while "Art, Prehistoric" is the authorized Library of Congress Subject Heading. Library of Congress Subject Headings are searchable online. 

Here are some example searches using both keywords and subject headings. 

Search Type Method Example
Keyword [time period or style] + art "prehistoric art"
Keyword [technique, medium, etc] + [place name] painting Pompeii
Keyword [place name] + antiquities Egypt antiquities
Subject Use Library of Congress Subject Headings Art, Prehistoric
Subject and Keyword Use Library of Congress Subject Heading + keyword Art, Prehistoric "cave painting"


  1. When using the Primo Library Search using the * symbol will search for variations on words. For example, a search for paint* will find paint, paints, painting, painted, and painter.
  2. Quotation marks tell the computer to return the exact phrase.
  3. In the Library Search a space is equivalent to AND. Painting Pompeii finds things that have the word painting and the word Pompeii anywhere in the record.


Summit is the system used to request books and other items from 37 college and university libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. You must be logged into the Primo library search to see Summit links.

Requesting from Summit

​​​​​Image of Primo library search result for a book with Check Holdings option




Any item in the library search results that says Check holdings is a potential Summit Plus physical item request.

  1. Click the Check holdings link.
  2. The Request from Summit Plus link will display if there is at least one copy in a Summit library. (Remember, you won't see it if you're not logged in.)
  3. Click the link to start a request.
  4. Summit will automatically check to see if there is a requestable copy
  5. You will have to choose your home library (Salem or Yamhill campus, Polk Center, or Woodburn Public Library). When the item arrives at the library, we will email you at your college email to inform you.
  6.  If the item has multiple volumes, specify which one you want.
  7. Click the Request button.

      You can check on your your request in your Library Account

Summit request form

Renewing in Summit

You can renew your Summit book by signing into your library account in Primo or from the Library Account button on the library home page. Note: If the item has been requested by a user of the library that has lent it, renewal will be blocked.