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HS101 - Chemical Dependency as a Disease: Subject Searching in Databases

How to search for materials to support the contention that addiction is a disease

Subject Searching in Academic OneFile

Academic OneFile can be found in the list of databases. To start a subject search, click the Subject Guide Search tab.

picture of subject guide search tab link

Type in a topic you wish to search:

picture of subject guide search space with heroin abuse typed in

Click search.  You may find your subject, or you may be guided to a different term.

picture of entry heroin abuse with see heroin habit link indicated

When you have found your term, you may wish to click Subdivisions to zero in on aspecific aspect of your subject.

picture of heroin habit as subject with subdivisions link indicated

Click on a specific subdivision of your topic to search for that aspect of your subject.

picture of subdivisions list with genetic aspects link circled

In the example we used there were over 1,000 articles on "heroin habit," but by using subdivisions we narrowed it down to 33 articles.

Subject Searching in Medline

Note: The MeSH heading subdivision or subheading that relates to the cause of a condition is "etiology."