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HS101 - Chemical Dependency as a Disease: Find Search Terms

How to search for materials to support the contention that addiction is a disease

Terms for Chemical Dependency: MEDLINE

The following MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) terms are used in MEDLINE:

Substance-Related Disorders
        Alcohol-Related Disorders
            Alcohol Amnestic Disorder +
            Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium
            Alcoholic Intoxication
            Binge Drinking
            Psychoses, Alcoholic
            Wernicke Encephalopathy
        Amphetamine-Related Disorders
        Cocaine-Related Disorders
        Inhalant Abuse
        Marijuana Abuse
        Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
        Opioid-Related Disorders
            Heroin Dependence
            Morphine Dependence
        Phencyclidine Abuse
        Psychoses, Substance-Induced
        Substance Abuse, Intravenous
        Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
            Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium
        Tobacco Use Disorder

Terms for Chemical Dependency: Library of Congress

The following Library of Congress subject terms are arranged with more specific terms listed under more general terms. The library catalog uses Drug Abuse for articles on abuse of drugs in the broad sense; articles on abuse of prescription drugs are entered under Medication Abuse.

  SUBSTANCE abuse     
    AEROSOL sniffing      
    BETEL chewing      
    CAFFEINE habit      
    DRUG abuse
       AMPHETAMINE abuse      
       INTRAVENOUS drug abuse      
       MARIJUANA abuse      
       MEDICATION abuse      
       NARCOTIC habit
          COCAINE habit      
          HEROIN habit      
          MORPHINE habit      
          NARCOTICS dealers      
          OPIUM habit 
          PHENCYCLIDINE abuse 
     DUAL diagnosis      
     SOLVENT abuse      
     TOBACCO habit 

Welcome! Here Are Some Reference Books You May Find Useful

These background materials contain the terms and concepts you can use to search for articles that support your argument. Note key terms that you can use to search.

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