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Using the Primo Library Search: Troubleshooting in Library Search

How to find books and other materials; how to request materials from other libraries; searching tips

Troubleshooting Guide

Be persistent!

bullet indicating emphasisTip: logging into the search will show you Summit and interlibrary loan links to obtain items.

Here are a few possible scenarios with strategies for tracking down sources:

  • Search finds article with full text ► Click Full text available and follow links to database

  • You don't find an article you think the library should have ► Click the box marked "Include results with additional delivery time"

  • Search finds article, but not full text Click the No Full-text link to see if we have the volume and issue you need in paper

  • Search finds article citation but not full text or paper journal Try Google or Google Scholar; sometimes we can find it on the web

  • Search finds article citation, no full text, not on Google Request interlibrary loan (automatic form, electronic fill in form, paper form)

  • You searched for an essay or book chapter, Search finds eBook Follow Online access or Full text available links and search contents of the book

  • You searched for an essay or book chapter, search finds paper book

    • Chemeketa has the book Find call number ("Available at ...") and find on shelf

    • Chemeketa doesn’t have the book Request via Summit or Interlibrary Loan forms

  • Search indicates full text, but the link to the database comes up empty Try searching directly in the database (the database may not understand the info sent by the library search)

  • Possible error in citation Google the citation or parts of the citation to verify  

  • Reference from a lecture, interview, or perhaps conference presentation:

    • Item is ephemeral, notes are not available or are in the possession of the author, such as personal interview notes, and are not available Contact the author

    • Notes may be available on website, perhaps of sponsoring organization in the event of a conference and sometimes for lectures

  • Item is a website or document on a website Visit the website and search for source content