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Printing and Copying at Chemeketa: Wireless Printing

Information about the printing and copying system used at Chemeketa, including the library.

How to Print Wirelessly

You must be on a Chemeketa Wi-Fi network such as: StormNet or ChemeketaVisitor to print wirelessly.

Only files in PDF format can be printed on the wireless network. Documents in Word, Excel, Google communication tools, or PowerPoint must be saved as PDFs first. Other types of files can be converted using free browser plug-ins or free software.

  1. Go to Use your My Chemeketa user name and password to log in.
  2. Choose Web Print from the menu.
  3. Click Submit a Job on the Web Print screen.
  4. There is only one printer enabled for wireless printing, so you don't have to choose; click Print Options And Account Selection. 
  5. Click Upload Documents.
  6. Use the Browse to find the document you want to print,
  7. Click Upload and Complete.
  8. Your print job will be listed with the status, "Held in a queue." You may pick it up in the Salem Library Print Center (9/214), or at the Yamhill Valley campus Library/Open lab (YVC 1/200, 202).
  9. Swipe your card on the printer unit, or log in on the touchpad.*
  10. Your print job will display on the control pad. Choose and print.

 * The first time you print you must log in on the touchpad.  You can swipe or scan your ID to make future access easier

Wireless printing didn't work? Only PDF files can be printed wirelessly. Please see Saving/conversion to PDF help. ►


Saving/Conversion to PDF Help

MS Office Software

Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, have the ability to save a file as a PDF. Choose File menu, Save as, Save as type, PDF.

picture of microsoft Office Save As dialog screen

Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc.

The Google Drive has an option in the File menu to download a document as a PDF file.

Picture of Google Docs showing download as PDF option in File menu

In Google Mail the option for PDF is in the print dialog. Click the Print button, then in the print dialog click Change. Choose the destination Save as PDF.

picture of the Google Mail print option that allows you to change the destination to pdf

Apple Pages Documents

Please see How to Convert .pages to .pdf.

Free Browser Plug-Ins

Other Free Options

Free conversion software and sites are available.