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New York Times - How to Create a Free Account: It's Easy to Create a Free Account

Getting Reference Help

  • E-mail a Question to Reference
  • Phone Reference at 503.399.5231
  • Chat reference: Please use the form below
  • We recommend that you include an e-mail address so that you can receive a transcript of your chat and so the library can send you any followup help.

How to Set Up Your Account through the Chemeketa Community College Library


Steps to create a New York Times account:

1. Start at the Chemeketa Community College Library homepage  (
2. On the right side of the page, click the button that says Articles & Databases
3. In the alphabetical navigation bar, click 'N' 
4. Scroll down and click on New York Times 
5. Click the button that says 'Create Account'
6. Enter your Chemeketa Community College email address and password of your choice
7. Choose the 'Student' button, then pick a graduation date (hint - it isn't picky, choose 2024, 2025, or whatever)
8. Optional alternate email - your choice
9. Optional button to receive NY Times updates - your choice
10. Click the button that says 'Sign Up'