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Borrowing Books, DVDs, etc.: Borrowing Books, DVDs, etc.

How to borrow physical items from the library for delivery by mail

How to Request a Book From Chemeketa's Library

Choose an Item

Use Primo Library Search to find a print book or DVD. 

book record in primo emphasizing "available at" message

Sign In

When you find your item click the Sign In link. Sign in with your Chemeketa username and password. 

Request It

There will be a Request Chemeketa item link if the book or DVD is owned by Chemeketa

If it is not owned by Chemeketa, there will be a Request from Summit Plus link. Chemeketa employees and students taking courses for college credit can request Summit Plus materials.

Click on the request link and choose where you would like to check it out. Materials can be sent to Chemeketa's Polk Center, Salem Campus Library, Woodburn Public Library, or Yamhill Valley Campus. If you cannot pick up the item a one of these locations, you can request it by mail for an $8 fee. 

 If you need to change your address, do that in My Chemeketa first and wait a day before requesting.

Hold form showing pickup location dropdown menu


For delivery to CCRLS public libraries, please see Having Chemeketa Materials Delivered to a Public Library. You will need your public library card.