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How to checkout and return a laptop from Chemeketa

Laptop FAQs

General Questions:


Are laptops available at other locations besides Salem to check out? 

  • Yes! Laptops can also be checked out from Yamhill Valley Campus, Polk Center and the Woodburn Center.

When will I have to return the laptop?

  • All laptops are due at the end of each term.

Can the laptop be renewed?

  • Yes! You are able to renew a laptop if your are registered for the next upcoming term.

Can I checkout more than one laptop at a time?

  • No.  There is a limit of 1 laptop per person.  Devices are reserved for current Chemeketa students.

What should I do if the laptop is damaged or stops working?

How much does it cost to check out a laptop?

  • There are no fees to check out a laptop as long the item is returned on time and without damage.

What measures are in place to protect my privacy?

  • Chromebooks: When returned, staff ensure that the user's account been signed out.  Chromebooks do not allow you to save documents to the device.  Once you are logged out of the device no one has access to your account.
  • Laptops: When returned these devices are re-imaged.  They undergo a process where everything is reset on the device.  Anything you saved on the device is permanently deleted.  This includes bookmarks, browser caches, temporary files and passwords.

How is it determined who receives a laptop?

  • Laptops are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  Not everyone is guaranteed a device and there are limited quantities.  We fill requests in the order that we receive them.


Device and Software Questions:


How can I get help using the laptop?

What is my login information?

  • Chromebooks: your Gmail login
  • Laptops: no password required

Does the laptop have internet access?

  • Each device is wi-fi capable, but you must have internet access at home for it to connect to.

Where can I access wi-fi to use this device?

  • Buildings on Chemeketa campuses have wi-fi.
  • Your public library may also have computers and free wifi available. Contact your public library for more information.

Does the laptop have a disc drive?

  • No.

Can I print using the laptop?