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Faculty Resources: WR 227

Library Resources for Chemeketa faculty

Workgroup Members and Timeline

WR 227 Workgroup Members: Kim Colantino, Eva Payne, Shannon Kelley, and Michele Burke

WR 227 Common Assignment / Common Assessment

WR 227 Technical Definition assignment in process.



WR 227 Research Expectations

​Research and Documentation Outcomes

  • Create a large-scale technical writing project that demonstrates an ability to synthesize and integrate ideas and source material, being careful to differentiate source materials from their (the students’) own ideas.

  • Use available writing support, such as the Chemeketa Writing Center, the Tutoring Center, the reference librarians, etc.

  • Use library resources, online databases, the Internet, professional and trade organizations, and field research to locate information and evidence.

  • Use some advanced research techniques to locate sources.

  • Record and organize information resources to track the research process.

  • Evaluate information for authority, currency, reliability, bias, sound reasoning, validity, and adequacy of evidence.

  • Select, interpret, and use technical and statistical information appropriately.

  • Summarize, paraphrase, and quote sources in a manner that distinguishes the writer’s voice from that of resource material.

  • Integrate research and documentation to support report content by correctly using a discipline-appropriate documentation style.

In  WR 121, students practice navigating research landscapes where they encounter a variety of sources using the online library and other types of internet searching. Students learn how to distinguish between popular and scholarly sources, and how to choose credible sources to integrate into their own writing. While scholarly and peer reviewed journal articles are discussed, the focus is on choosing credible sources that compliment but do not overwhelm the student's voice. Students are encouraged to be very choosey about what they use in their own work, and they will practice integrating  source material with eloquence and integrity. All sources will be cited. 

Explore databases by choosing from the Database List or by doing a full Library Search to discover articles and eBooks. Use advanced Internet searching strategies. 

WR 227 Course Outcomes: Research and Documentation

WR 227 Workgroup Updates

WR 227 Technical Definition.

Total score through eLearn--we’re hoping Matt can extract those without instructors having to do anything but submit grades as they normally do. All WR 227 instructors (possibly) by fall 2017.