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Multimodal Writing Course Support: Citation Information

Images from Databases

Example of Images from an Art Database

Riemenschneider, T. (Sculptor). [ca. 1490-1500]. Saint Jerome and the  

      lion. [Photograph of sculpture in alabaster]. Cleveland Museum 
       of Art. Retrieved from

Square brackets around the date indicate that is an approximation. The medium of the art object is given in square brackets after the title.

Example of Photograph from a Photo Database

Child, M. (2007). Kafka statue, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

      [Photograph]. Robert Harding World Imagery. Encyclopædia 
      Britannica Image Quest. Retrieved from

Streaming Video

Example of Dramatic Video

Messina, C. (Producer) & Gorrie, J. (Director). (1980). Twelfth 

     Night,or, what you will.  W. Shakespeare (Writer).  [Motion 

     picture on streaming video]. London: BBC. Retrieved from

     a7def0f2adddd4ac0e71e72235c9da3aa& file=&title=



Note:When a work is found in a library database, no URL is needed..

Example of Documentary Video:

Oser, W., Levinson, J., & Spencer, B. (Producers & 
      directors). (2002). Let's face it: Women explore 

       their aging faces[Motion picture on streaming  video]. 

       Terra Nova Films.Retrieved  from