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WR122 - Couch: Argument Analysis and Response Readings

Argument Analysis and Response Readings - article links

Argument Analysis                

  • Siegel, Lee. "Why Kaepernick Takes the Knee." The New York Times, 25 Sept. 2017. Accessed 14 Sept. 2018. (see instructions for activating free New York Times subscription below)
  • Steele, Shelby. "Black Protest has Lost its Power."  The Wall Street Journal, 13 Jan. 2018, pp. A11. SIRS Issues Researcher. Accessed 27 Sept. 2018.

Argument Response

Tips for printing from websites
Articles from library databases and some websites have a print option included in the tool box.
For sites with no obvious print option, right click and choose print from the drop down menu.
'Control P' is a shortcut that will bring up the print menu as well.
On your keyboard, press the Ctrl button and the letter P simultaneously to activate the print shortcut.
Check the formatting to make sure all desired text shows before printing or downloading. 

Activate a free annual subscription to the New York Times

As a Chemeketa student, you have access to a free, full annual subscription to the New York Times online. This subscription will give you access to more content than using the free views available to the public.

To activate your subscription

  1. Go to this Chemeketa Library database page 
  2. Click on New York Times
  3. Follow instructions to set up a personal account (note that it is not necessary to know an exact graduation date)
  4. Once you have created the account, you can access New York Times online directly from their website at If you have any questions or issues setting up your account, please call the Chemeketa Library Reference Desk at 503.399-5231 or email us at