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GED: Pleasure Reading

Most public libraries use the Dewey Decimal System to arrange their nonfiction books on the shelf. So does Chemeketa Community College Library. The difference is in how we treat fiction.

  • Most public libraries have a general fiction section where the reader can browse, as well as several sections for specialty fiction such as mysteries, science fiction, and so on.
  • Most of Chemeketa's fiction books have Dewey Decimal numbers; they are not all together in one place

To find a fiction book, the user must look in the Library Search site and make a note of the number.

Finding Books on the Shelf (Call Numbers)

Picture of call number labelChemeketa Community College library uses the Dewey Decimal System. Every book has a Dewey Decimal call number that's used to keep books organized and to find them on the shelf.  Call numbers group books on the same subject in the same location on the shelf.  For example, all of the books with the 551.21 call number are about volcanoes.  Because there is often more than one book with the same call number, the first letters of the author's last name and additional numbers are included. 


The book with the call number above (REF 423.1 Up8) is located in the Reference collection in the call number area 423.1 and the author's last name is Upton.

You can search by key words in the Primo Library Search.

You can browse the shelves. Suggested sections are:

You can search in the CCRLS (public library) catalog and request a book with a CCRLS card.

You can search for an e-book to download  from Library2go. When you borrow a book, you'll need to select Chemeketa Community College from a dropdown list and use your Chemeketa login.

Library Searches