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PSY201: Using References to Find More Sources

Using Library Search to Find a Specific Article

When you find a journal article that works for your research, look at the references!  If you find an article in the references that looks promising, there are a couple ways to determine if you have full text access to that article.  For example, the citation below was found in the references list of an academic journal article about how humans interpret smiles.  Usually a citation from a references list gives no indication whether or not the full text is available in print or online.

Article Citation



Do a Primo Library Search for the title of the article to determine if you have full text access to it. Putting the title in quotation marks helps.

picture of primo library search space with article title typed in

The image below shows that the full text for the article was found with Library Search.  The View It pane provides a link to the full text article. This article is available in a database named Elsevier Science Direct Health & Life Sciences. Clicking on the Elsevier Science Direct link will take you to the full text. 

picture of full article record in primo library search, showing link to article full text


Now it's your turn

Now it's your turn. Is this article below available in full text from a library database?

Can you find it with a Google search?

Halloween Article Citation