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Using Education Full Text: Using the Thesaurus in Education Full Text

Thesaurus Terms

Articles in Education Full Text are all given "descriptors."  Descriptors are pre-selected terms used for a concept that may have more than one label. For example, any article about gym class or P.E. will be given the descriptor "Physical Education."  All descriptors used in Education Full Text are in the Thesaurus.  

Education Full Text Thesaurus Menu



 To do a Thesaurus Search, click on Thesaurus in the blue header and be sure to use the Browsing: Education Full Text -- Thesaurus search box.  If you do a search and immediately retrieve a list of articles, you didn't do a Thesaurus search.


Education Full Text Thesaurus preferred termsIn this example, a Thesaurus search for "working students" indicates that the preferred term, or descriptor for working students is "Part-time students."

Education Full Text Descriptor Part-time StudentsClicking on Part-time Students takes you to a screen with a scope note that defines what exactly the database means by "Part-time Students."  To search for articles that have been described with the descriptor "Part-time Students", select it my checking the box and click on Add.


Education Full Text Scope Note



Education Full Text Descriptor SearchClicking on Add moves the descriptor to the search box. Now you can click on Search and the database will retrieve a list of articles that have been described with the descriptor "Part-time Students."  

Education Full Text Descriptor






What words would you use to describe what is happening in this picture?  

The descriptor used in Education Full Text is Creative activities & seat work

6th Grade Students Painting.  Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 7 Oct 2015.

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