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Citations - APA Style: Citing Electronic Images and Streaming Video APA 7 Format

Resources for APA (American Psychological Association) format, with examples of how to cite material from our electronic databases

Images from Databases

Example of Images from an Art Database

This is a combination of APA's advice for citing a work of art and citing a photograph.

Riemenschneider, T. (Sculptor). (ca. 1490-1500). Saint Jerome and the  

      lion. [Photograph of sculpture]. Cleveland Museum 
       of Art. Artstor.


"Ca." (circa) preceding the date indicates that is an approximation. The medium of the art object is given in square brackets after the title.

Examples of Illustrations from an Image Database

Nucleus Medical Media. (2020). Facial and skull fractures 

      [Digital image]. Smart Imagebase. Retrieved from https://ebsco-

Purcell, A. (n.d.). Mastiff [Photograph]. Britannia ImageQuest.

      Retrieved from


Streaming Video

Example of Dramatic Video

Gorrie, J. (Director). (1980). Twelfth  Night, or, what you will

    [Film].  W. Shakespeare (Writer).  BBC.

Note: When a work is found in a library database, no URL is needed..

Example of Documentary Video:

Watson, M.A. (Producer). (2015). Paraphilias and paraphilic disorders: 

      Clinical conversations for the human sexuality classroom [Film].

      Films Media Group.