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Citations - APA Style: Citing Electronic Books and Chapters APA 7 Format

Resources for APA (American Psychological Association) format, with examples of how to cite material from our electronic databases

Articles in Reference Works

Gale eBooks (No DOI)

Roberts, T. M. (2003). Know-Nothing Party. In S. I. Kutler (Ed.), 

      Dictionary of American history (3rd ed., Vol. 4, pp. 
      540-541). Charles Scribner's Sons. 

Oxford Reference (with DOI)

Basalt.(2020). In Allaby, M. A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

      (5th ed.). Oxford University Press.



General Format for Electronic Books:

Author [Last name], A. [Initial(s)] (Year). Title of the book. 
     Place of publication: publisher. DOI [if available]

Book with DOI:

Hancock, P., & Skinner, B. (Eds.) (2000). The Oxford Companion 

      to the Earth. Oxford University Press.


Book without DOI from an academic database

Evans, C., & Tippins, Emma. (2007). The foundations of emergency care. 

      Maidenhead, Berkshire: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press.