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Nursing: Find Books

Resources for students

Primo Library Search

Finding Books on the Shelf

Picture of call number labelChemeketa Community College library uses the Dewey Decimal System. Every book has a Dewey Decimal call number that's used to keep books organized and to find them on the shelf.  Call numbers group books on the same subject in the same location on the shelf.  For example, all of the books with the 551.21 call number are about volcanoes.  Because there is often more than one book with the same call number, the first letters of the author's last name and additional numbers are included. 


The book with the call number above (REF 423.1 Up8) is located in the Reference collection in the call number area 423.1 and the author's last name is Upton.

Using Library Search

This short video will show you how to use Primo Library Search to discover books and articles in print and full text online at Chemeketa and many other libraries.

Yancey, Theresa. "How to Use Primo Library Search." Youtube, Chemeketa Community College,  7 December 2017,

Call Numbers of Interest for Nursing

174.2 – 174.28 Medical ethics 616.028 Illness
344.730 – 344.73049 Legal aspects 616.029 Care of the dying
346.7303 – 346.730332 Malpractice 616.047 – 616.8589 Diseases
362.1 - 362.173068 Sociology and healthcare; incl. long term care 616.12-616.15 Cardiovascular system; hematology
362.175 Death and dying 616.3-616.49 Gastrointestinal and endocrine systems
362.19-362.199 Issues, trends, leadership, management. 616.5-616.75 Dermatology; Genitourinary tract; autoimmune disorders
610.3 – 610.399 Dictionaries 616.8-616.854 Neurology and psychiatric conditions
610.696 - 610.73699 General Nursing 616.856 – 616.89075 Psychiatric disorders, continued
611.347 – 611.82 Anatomy 616.8918 – 616.9792071 Psychiatric pharmacology, infectious diseases, immunology
612 Physiology 616.992 – 616.99495 Oncology
612.015 – 612.75 Psychology and nutrition 617.1 – 617.1027 Orthopedics
613.2 Nutrition 617.4 – 617.51 Surgery
615.0 - 615.14 Pharmacology 617-54-617.59 Pain
615.329 – 615.5071 Antibiotics, alternative medicine, patient teaching 617.9 – 617.96 Surgery
615.58 - 615.788 Pharmacology 618 – 618.99 Obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics


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