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Dentistry for Dental Auxiliaries: Finding Books

Resources for students

Finding Books on the Shelf

Picture of call number labelChemeketa Community College library uses the Dewey Decimal System. Every book has a Dewey Decimal call number that's used to keep books organized and to find them on the shelf.  Call numbers group books on the same subject in the same location on the shelf.  For example, all of the books with the 551.21 number are about volcanoes.  Because there is often more than one book with the same Dewey Decimal number, the first letters of the author's last name and additional numbers are included. 


The book with the call number illustrated (REF 423.1 Up8) is located in the Reference collection in the call number area 423.1 and the author's last name is Upton.

Using Library Search

This short video will show you how to use Primo Library Search to discover books and articles in print and full text online at Chemeketa and many other libraries.

Yancey, Theresa. "How to Use Primo Library Search." Youtube, Chemeketa Community College,  7 December 2017,

Dental Call Numbers

Call numbers for printed dental books
611.314    Dental anatomy 617.632    Periodontics
611.91     Head & neck anatomy 617.643    Orthodontics
617.60068    Dental office management 617.6342    Endodontics
617.601   Primary preventive dentistry 617.645     Pediatric dentistry
617.60233    Dental assisting 617.695    Dental materials
617.607572    Dental imaging  


APA Citations

E-Book Information

Chemeketa's library search has many electronic books.  For information about accessing and using e-books, please see About E-Books.