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Using Gale Article Databases: Advanced Searching

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page walks you step by step through more complex searches that include combinations of keywords, Subject terms, author name or article title. It will also help you construct searches that exclude words from the results. 

The picture below shows a search that combines the Subject term "video games" and military. Adding not "flight" in the Entire Document will include all articles that use the terms "video games" and military while excluding anything in that list of results that uses the term "flight" anywhere in the article. That means any article about the use of video games by the military for flight simulation would not be in the search results.

Gale Advanced Search

Go to the Boolean Searching Guide for more information on how to combine terms using AND, OR and NOT in searching.

Other Search Options

Wildcard symbol: ?

Replaces one character. For example, the search for "wom?n" will find both "woman" and "women."

Truncation symbol: *

Allows the user to search for alternate word endings. For example, the search for "comput*" will find "computer," "computers," "computing," "computation," and "computerized."