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LexisNexis Academic: A Guide to the Basics: Basic Searching

What is LexisNexis Academic?

LexisNexis Academic is a database that provides access to the full text of over 6,000 news, business, biographical, and legal sources.

Using LexisNexis

LexisNexis Academic provides a search screen where you can put a word or phrase.  You can also combine terms with AND, OR, and NOT operators, for example, "cell phones AND driving." The default search will return a mix of source types, in which news usually predominates.

picture of lexis nexis search screen

To improve results, it is often desirable to limit the search by content type. Clicking the Search by Content Type link returns a menu of options:

picture of lexis nexis news, legal, company, and people options under Search by Content Type

The Advanced Options link under the search gives more ways to limit, including a range of dates.

Results may be listed in relevance or in date order. In relevance order, the items that best match your search are at the top of the list in the Results screen.If you want to see the newest articles, you can click on the Sort menu at the top of the list to choose "publication date." Click on an article title to read the full text. LexisNexis does not include pictures.

picture of lexisnexis resutls screeen

On the article screen, Print, E-mail, and Save options are available.

picture of print, e-mail, and save buttons on lexisnexis


LexisNexis Academic Video

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