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COMM227 - Nonverbal Communication: Welcome to the Library!

Welcome! Here Are Some Reference Books You May Find Useful.

Choosing terms

Choosing a Topic, Initial Research, and Choosing Your Key Terms Compliment One Another

picture of tag cloud made from terms in nonverbal communication

A good way to find a topic is to look through a source in your subject area to find something that interests you.

Choosing a Topic, Finding Key Words, and Your Research All Compliment Each Other

  • Look in your textbook, or another resource such as a specialized encyclopedia, to find a topic that interests you
  • As you read about your topic, take note the language describing it, including specialized terms
  • If any important researchers are mentioned who worked in your area of interest, note their names
  • Use the terms you've gathered to search for information on your topic
  • As you examine your newfound resources, you can gather more terms and names
  • How can you focus or refine your topic based on what you've found?
  • You may even decide to change your topic!

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