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WR 080 / 090 / 115 Scott: A Conversation About Literacy

Research a literacy topic

Give an opinion on an issue or topic related to literacy. 

You will need to refine your topic to fit the size of the paper. Here's an example of the process:

Standardized Testing

  • Is this a thesis? No- this is just a big topic
  • A really big topic...we need to narrow it down
  • What am I interested in? Placement testing, I took one last term and I am interested in this topic

Placement Testing

  • Now is it a thesis? No- I need to add detail
  • What is my opinion? I don't think it is accurate

Hooray! Here's my thesis: "Placement testing in college is not an accurate way to place students"

Now I can use the library tools to find an information source to include in my paper! Need help? Ask a Librarian!


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