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HM250 - Health Information Management Article Reviews: Citations and Tips for Better Searches

Search Terms and Tips

When searching in an article database, there are a few techniques that will change - and hopefully improve - your search results.

  • When searching for a phrase, put the words in quotation marks. For example "healthcare management" or "human resources".
  • Use the asterisk * to search for variations on a word. For example, manag* searches for the words management, manager, managing, etc.  Searching for motivat* searches for motivation, motivator, motivating, etc. Using * in a keyword search is called truncation.
  • Combine your terms with and, or, and not.  For example healthcare and teamwork or "information technology" not libraries.  For more information about using and, or, and not in database searches go to the Boolean Searching guide.  

Anatomy of a Citation

HM250 Citation from Academic OneFileIn Academic OneFile, the title of the article is the reddish text, followed by the author's name. Not all articles will give an author's name. In this example, Risk & Insurance is the name of the magazine.  This article is from the 14th issue of volume 20 (a volume is often a year's worth of issues) of Risk & Insurance.  You also have the date and page number.

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