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College Credit Now: Overview of Research in the CCN Writing Series

Detailed Overview of the Writing Courses at Chemeketa

WR 115 Research Expectations

In WR 115, students practice asking and answering interesting questions, often about shared readings and topics. Students will use an outside source to build understanding around a class topic. Students are introduced to the library and how to use online library tools such as databases to find background sources. Students will practice writing with sources, including citing source material. 

The Summary Response is often assigned in WR 115 and is a building block for WR 121 and WR 122.

Databases to use for background information and an introduction to database searching include:

WR 115 Course Outcomes: Research and Documentation

  1. Use MLA style documentation and attribution (signal) phrases to integrate resource material into writing
  2. Compose at least one essay that incorporates research and thesis (as an introduction to argumentation)

WR 121 Research Expectations

In  WR 121, students practice navigating research landscapes where they encounter a variety of sources using the online library and other types of internet searching. Students learn how to distinguish between popular and scholarly sources, and how to choose credible sources to integrate into their own writing. While scholarly and peer reviewed journal articles are discussed, the focus is on choosing credible sources that compliment but do not overwhelm the student's voice. Students are encouraged to be very choosey about what they use in their own work, and they will practice integrating  source material with eloquence and integrity. All sources will be cited. 

The Annotated Bibliography is a common WR 121 assignment.

Explore databases by choosing from the Database List or by doing a full Library Search to discover articles and eBooks. 

WR 121 Course Outcomes: Research and Documentation

  1. ​Use MLA style documentation and attribution (signal) phrases to integrate resource material into writing, including in-text citations and bibliography.
  2. Recognize APA style and be able to produce in-text citations and/or bibliographic entries using a writer’s handbook.
  3. Use library, databases and the Internet to obtain information and evidence, including the effective use of key word searches.
  4. Evaluate source materials for authority, currency, reliability and bias.

WR 122 Research Expectations

In WR 122, students work on developing more sophisticated relationships between sources. Students find scholarly and peer reviewed sources and become familiar with the sections of a research article (e.g., abstract, methodology, findings, conclusion). Students may practice using the works cited list to track down sources and analyze how the scholar uses source material (e.g., quote, summary, paraphrase). 

Subject specific databases are explored in conjunction with the Library Search

WR 122 Course Outcomes: Research and Documentation

  1. Incorporate appropriate sources using summary, paraphrase, and quotation.
  2. Document resource material using either MLA or APA citation style including attribution phrases, in-text citations, and a bibliography.
  3. Demonstrate ability to use library databases and search engines effectively and understand source evaluation

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